Teen Pregnancy: Choosing Adoption at a Young Age

October 9, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Teen Pregnancy: Choosing Adoption at a Young Age

By Alexis Diamond

Your teen years are often filled with the ongoing stress of academics and a fear for the future. It can be anxiety-inducing to worry about your grades and career. You begin to worry about getting through high school, possibly college, but what about an unplanned pregnancy? Imagine being a young woman at 15, worried about all the previously mentioned stressors, and then adding a baby. Not to mention, there is often judgment cast onto young women who experience an unexpected pregnancy at this age. Society can cause your pregnancy to be even more strenuous than it already is.

As a girl, this can put a halt to your plans and make the future appear bleak. However, we at Adoption Choices of Florida are here to assure you of the adoption options in Florida available for you. We are here to guide you through this troublesome time and, hopefully, allow you to envision a brighter future for you and your child. 

Starting Your Adoption Plan

When you begin formulating your adoption plan, it is important to recognize that adoption is neither shameful nor selfish. In fact, adoption agencies will assure you that it is a very selfless decision. It can ensure a better future for you and your child. While that is beneficial for all parties, it is important to establish how to begin your plan. 

To have access to adoption services, you will need to reach out to your local Florida agency. These can be in a variety of locations ranging from the panhandle to adoption Miami. You can call or text at any point in your pregnancy, from the first trimester to right until birth. Once you call, they will ask what kind of adoption you would like, which includes 

  • Open Adoption
  • Semi-Open Adoption
  • Closed Adoption

All of these refer to the types of involvement you’d like in your child’s life. Open involves unlimited visitation and involvement, while semi involves limited visitation/involvement. Finally, closed means that you’d like no involvement, which is still perfectly valid. Depending on whatever you would prefer, we can develop your adoption plan. You can then choose your adoptive family and develop your budget alongside trained professionals. There are many other ways in which we can help you that stretch beyond finding an adoptive family. 

How We Help in the Adoption Process

As a teenager, it is understandable that adoption might not be the first thing on your radar. However, when dealing with pregnancy at such a young age, it is an option worth taking note of. If you are unaware of how to put your newborn up for adoption, then rest assured you will be well supported throughout. Some of the more substantial struggles besides the pregnancy itself can include finances, medical care, housing, and support. The adoption process can bring about these concerns for teens who do not often worry about these things, which can be frightening.

Adoption Florida understands that these issues can be prevalent for young girls, and as a result, opts to help individuals with these concerns. No fee is given for placing a child for adoption, and an entire adoption plan budget can be mapped out with an advisor at the agency. Alongside that, we can offer a place safe to stay during your pregnancy.

There are instances in teen pregnancy where housing is either unsafe or unavailable. Here’s where Adoption Choices of Florida comes in to help. Advisors at the agency will place you in a safe place to stay while your pregnancy continues. Understandably, rent may be a concern. However, you do not need to fret about that. Rent and housing are guaranteed for you during your housing stay in order to relieve as much stress as possible. With all the aid we provide in your adoption journey, you will never have to go through this alone. 

When to Reach Out to an Adoption Agency

If you are considering child adoption and are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, reach out to Adoption Choices of Florida at your earliest convenience. We will help you at any stage of your pregnancy, as mentioned previously, and ensure you are well taken care of. We understand being a teen and pregnant can be overwhelming. Thus, our services are tailored to help you manage those external stressors. You will not have to go through any of this alone, and we will make sure you are made aware of every step of the process.