Teen Pregnancy

Pregnant Teens and Adoption in Florida

If you are a pregnant teenager and considering placing your child for adoption, our adoption center can help

Getting pregnant, no matter how old you are, doesn’t mean you’re careless. And although there are plenty of teenage birth parents, there are even more birth parents who placed a baby for adoption as adults. That said, our adoption agency can help a pregnant woman at any age.

As a teenager, discovering that you are pregnant can be devastating news. Most teen pregnancies are not planned which can make it hard for a young girl to decide what to do. You might be scared to tell your parents or the father of the baby. These are valid fears. You might feel that you are too young to parent yet you don’t want to terminate the pregnancy by choosing abortion.

Another healthy option is adoption. Yes, this means you will carry the baby for nine months to term, deliver the baby, and then relinquish all parental rights to a loving adoptive family that you will get to choose.

Here are a few reasons why adoption is a good choice for teen pregnancies:

1. You are giving your child a chance at life

Many teenagers who are pregnant often consider abortion before considering adoption. Abortion is often a very emotional procedure. Many young girls struggle with feelings of grief, loss, or guilt that can take years to heal. It is often more difficult for a girl who chooses abortion to move past these feelings and find closure. Conversely, a woman who chooses adoption is able to see how happy her child is and the wonderful life she gave them. 

You may find yourself in a situation where you’re thinking, “I don’t want to be pregnant, but I don’t want an abortion.” If that’s the case, then adoption may be right for you. Choosing adoption gives your child a chance at life. 

2. You can still achieve your goals

One of the main reasons to consider adoption for your baby is the fact that it will allow you to achieve your goals. You have so much life ahead of you as a pregnant teen. Having a child at such a young age could hinder your ability to graduate high school, go to college, or start a career. Many young teenage mothers have dreams and aspirations that they want to achieve before settling down to have a family. Adoption allows you to still live the life that you want to live.

3. You can choose your child's adoptive family

When you choose adoption with Adoption Choices of Florida, you get to choose the right family for your child. Adoptive parents are vastly different from one another and come from many backgrounds. You will get to look through adoptive family profiles and choose the family that you feel will be best to parent your child. If this task sounds daunting, don’t worry, our staff will help! We have experience working with pregnant teens! 

4. You can still have a relationship with your child

The benefit of choosing an open adoptions is that you can still have a relationship with your child. Open adoptions allow birth parents to get regular updates and pictures of their child until they are an adult. Building a relationship with the birth family is one of the most important ways that you can support your child and their adoptive family. While some boundaries will need to be set, there are plenty of success stories where birth parents are regularly in communication and visit their birth child.

There are plenty of reasons to choose adoption for your child as a teenager. Not only will you be giving your child a more stable life but it will also allow you to follow your dreams.

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