The Adoption Process from the Birth Mother’s Perspective with Adoption Choices of Florida

August 4, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

The Adoption Process from the Birth Mother’s Perspective with Adoption Choices of Florida

After going through many confusing emotions, going back and forth about your decision a couple of times, and reading through many articles to gain information about what is best for your baby. You have finally come to the difficult yet brave decision to give your baby up for adoption. Now what? You should take six steps, and Adoption Choices of Florida lists out all of these steps for you. Your journey may seem difficult right now. But, don’t worry! You can contact us now, or you can read through our six basic steps of the adoption process in Florida below that help you create the adoption plan you want. We are here for you and will be here to assist and support you every step of the way!

Before Your Journey Begins: Why Should I Choose Adoption Choices of Florida?

You, as a birth mother, are searching for the best option for your baby. We understand this. This is why we have a variety of adoption services to meet all of the requirements you may have.

One of the benefits of choosing an adoption plan with us is that we are a licensed agency. This means that we will be able to provide financial support to you. We know that many costs arise with pregnancies. This is why as a licensed agency, we are able to help you out with your rent, utility bills, groceries, maternity clothes, and other household items. We can also assist with transportation to where you work or your appointments!

You and your baby’s health are important to us. Adoption Choices of Florida wants to make sure that you receive the prenatal care that you and your baby deserve. We will make sure that you are under proper prenatal care with the right medical professionals.

We care for you! Our caring and compassionate staff are professionals with personal experience that make us stand apart from other agencies. We understand firsthand what you are going through, which allows us to best support you throughout your adoption process in Florida.

Are you worried about location issues? It doesn’t matter where you live in Florida. We are serving birth mothers throughout the entire state. Regardless of your location, we will make sure an adoption specialist is available for you.

Within pregnancies, situations don’t happen according to a certain time schedule. We know this very well and are available to you 24/7. We respond to your situation quickly and effectively.

Step 1: Contact Adoption Choices of Florida

You should consider which one of our agencies you will seek guidance from. If you are searching for adoption agencies near you, there are four locations for your convenience in Jacksonville and Miami, along with central Florida adoption options: Orlando and Tampa. We even specialize in adoption within the Florida Panhandle. This includes Tallahassee, Pensacola, Destin, and all the surrounding cities. Wherever you are in Florida, Adoption Choices of Florida is the adoption agency near you, for you.

Step 2: Make an Adoption Plan

You have many thoughts about what the adoption process might look like and have certain requirements for your baby that must be met. All mothers do! We understand your needs. This is why you will speak one-on-one with one of our adoption specialists to create a specified Florida adoption plan that meets your requirements.

The plan will include choosing which type of adoption you prefer. There are three options that lay out the terms of how involved you’d like to be with your child and their adoptive family. The first and most common one is an open adoption in which you’d be most involved with your baby and the adoptive family. The second option is a semi-open adoption in which you would have limited involvement in your baby’s life. The third option is a closed adoption in which you would have no involvement with your child and the adoptive family.

When choosing what type of adoption you will opt for, it’s important to remember there is no right or wrong option! It all essentially depends on what you are most comfortable with. Adoption Choices of Florida will never try to coerce, convince, or pressure you to make a certain decision for the adoption of your baby.

Step 3: Review Adoptive Families

One of the things you will discuss with your adoption specialist is choosing the right adoptive family for your baby. This is an important step in your adoption process because you will choose your baby’s forever family. Your requests for your baby’s future will be considered.

Your adoption specialist will show you the adoptive parent profile books of the hopeful families waiting to adopt your baby based on your requirements. These books are filled with pictures, bios, and information about prospective families for your baby. From there, you can choose the possible adoptive family for your baby.

We understand just how big of a decision this is. This is why you will be given ample time to review which family you’d be interested in learning more about.

Step 4: Pregnancy and Communication

After you have selected your baby’s adoptive family, you will simply continue with your pregnancy and attend your medical appointments. All you have to do is keep in touch with your adoption specialist. If you choose an open adoption, then you will also be in contact with the adoptive family.

Step 5: Give Birth & Place Your Child for Adoption

We will be there for you even in the hospital as we advocate for your birth plan. One of our responsibilities includes making sure the hospital staff and the adoptive family are aware of your wishes. Such as, who will be in the delivery room with you, if you want to meet and hold your baby, who gets to name the baby, and more decisions like these.

Once you give birth, depending on where you live, you have about 48 hours to sign relinquishment papers, which terminate your parental rights. This allows your baby to leave the hospital with the adoptive family.

Step 6: Post Placement Support

The support we provide at Adoption Choices of Florida does not end after you give birth. We provide counseling to our birth mothers for FREE! Our professional and compassionate counselors have extensive experience within the adoption field. They are aware of the many emotions and challenges you might be going through.

There is no right time to determine when counseling may be needed to help in your healing, which is why you can use this service immediately after placement. Or you might feel more comfortable beginning counseling weeks, months, or even years later. Whenever you do, Adoption Choices of Florida will be here for you.

Ready to Begin Your Adoption Journey?

Here at Adoption Choices of Florida, you find compassionate professionals that want the best for you and your baby. You will also find experienced staff members ready to offer you a variety of services to best match the requirements you have for the future of your baby. We will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you decide that you will be giving your baby up for adoption and even after you have placed your baby with the adoptive family. So, are you ready to begin your journey with us?

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678

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