The Importance of “Seeing Color” During Adoption in Florida

February 14, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

The Importance of “Seeing Color” During Adoption in Florida

Florida adoption is a loving and selfless option. It can bring so much joy to so many families. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and colors. Not one family is alike. They are all unique in their own way, which is what we love the most about adoption. Adoption can bring different worlds together and open up new ones. It is important for everyone, birth mothers and adoptive families and everyone else, to realize that adoption is not supposed to be gatekept and that it does not belong to just one race. It is important to understand that everyone deserves to know love, whether giving or receiving it. 

Have you ever heard someone say they do not “see color”? That is a common phrase that we hear people say, and it does not come out the way they might mean it. “Seeing color” is not a bad thing, but it is made out to be in today’s society. People have normalized that when you “see color,” it means you are racist or have prejudice. Instead, using that phrase is contributing to the problem of racism rather than fixing it. If you ignore something, it does not mean it will automatically go away. This is the same concept as saying you do not see color. You are attempting to ignore a problem in society and are inevitably aiding the problem. 

Benefits of Interracial Adoption

At Adoption Choices of Florida, our local adoption agencies seek to shatter the stigma around Caucasian families adopting African American children and African American families adopting Caucasian children. There is nothing wrong with interracial adoption. It has many benefits and opens up children and their new parents to a more diverse world. However, when it comes to interracial adoption, the adoptive parents have to adjust everything within their lives. It makes it easier for the child to grow up and assimilate, but without losing their origin background. It also shows how committed the parents are to ensuring their child does not lose where they come from and who they are on the inside. 

Interracial adoption creates a more diverse world and increases an understanding of others of a different race. In addition, it can strengthen the adopted child’s identity and increase awareness of living in a multicultural home. Broadening everyone’s perspectives and opening them up to new possibilities is what we strive for. Interracial adoption does not come without its challenges, and it can be challenging for both parties: the adoptive parents and the adopted children. However, the benefits outweigh those challenges. While raising children in a multiracial home can make them more tolerant and more capable of socializing, it can sometimes come with a sense of isolation. There might be times when children in a part of an interracial family will feel disconnected from the rest of their family or even their peers at school. However, there are many ways to minimize the disconnect that they might feel. 

What Does Color Mean in Interracial Adoption?

Back to what it means to “see color.” We are not suggesting that you are biased or prejudiced towards people of a different race or color. Rather, we want to open up the possibility that you should “see color.” You do not want to walk around blind your entire life, ignoring the world around you. There are problems and stigmas surrounding interracial adoption, and only you have the power to change that. Choosing to place your newborn up for adoption is already a selfless decision. It is already one filled with lots of love. But choosing to adopt a child of a different race than your own or choosing an adoptive family of a different race than your child can open up a world of new possibilities.  

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