Things You Need to Know About Adoption in FL

November 10, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Things You Need to Know About Adoption in FL

You’ve gotten pregnant, and it’s the most unexpected and unwanted thing you could’ve imagined happening to you right now. Although the unthinkable happened, pregnancy doesn’t have to ruin your life. You don’t have to parent if parenting was not what you planned for. Choosing to put your baby up for adoption allows you to honor your dreams and honor your baby. You’re not alone in this situation. Newborn adoption options are available to help you right around the corner. You’ve made the hard decision, “I want to give up my baby for adoption,” and that is a big 1st step. Celebrate yourself for being brave and resilient. The rest will get better. We will help you through this process and tell you all you need to know about adoption in FL. 

Putting Your Baby up For Adoption

You have the right to pursue the goals in life that you have already set out for yourself. Adoption is the most loving thing you could do to resolve unplanned pregnancy after choosing not to abort. There are private adoption services available for you and your baby in Florida. Breathe easier and know that it gets better. Local adoption agencies have been working one-on-one with birth mothers for decades. We are dedicated to finding you the best care possible and placing your baby in the forever home of your choice. You get to create an adoption plan that keeps you and your baby’s best interests at heart. 

Private Adoption in FL

Adoption is an act of honoring yourself. Self-care is a must, especially with everything that is going on in the world today. Saying no to parenthood is okay, and we are here to help you do so while providing your baby with a loving forever family. The orphanage era for infants has long ended, and there are thousands of hopeful parents yearning for Newborn adoption. The local adoption process in Florida gives birth mothers options like never before. Creating an adoption plan includes:

  1. Access to safe, clean shelter if you need financial help or safer living arrangements
  2. A birthing plan of your choice
  3. The opportunity to choose your baby’s adoptive parents
  4. Freephone services provided during your pregnancy
  5. Financial assistance during pregnancy
  6. Free prenatal care
  7. Legal assistance
  8. Personal one on one counseling services and therapy
  9. Health, shelter, and financial assistance after the birth of your baby
  10. Healthy food provided for you and your baby

Adoption Process in Florida

Long gone are the days where birth mothers had to secretly drop off their babies at church doors or find national agencies to take their children. There are local private adoption services right here in Florida to help you and your baby make a healthy transition. The thought of going through adoption in FL may seem confusing and scary, but you won’t be alone. Adoption agencies in FL are dedicated to seeing you through the entire process so that you and your baby are safe and sound. You will be in charge of what happens to your baby every step of the way. You will get to choose the type of adoption you want from closed to open and determine the level of contact you want to have between you, your baby, and the adoptive parents. We conduct in-home investigations to vet parental hopefuls for fitness to adopt. You get to have your say in this process. Your privacy will remain discreet. 

How Do I Tell My Family About My Child Adoption?

The only opinions that ultimately matter are those of you, your baby, and the adoptive parents when it comes to adoption. Focus on doing what is best for them. This is a time where opinions can be empathized with, but they do not ultimately matter. Though friends and family may want to have their say in what happens in our lives, sometimes you have to go with decisions that work best for you and your baby’s interests in the long run. 

You cannot please everyone you know. In our last years, what will matter to us the most is increasing the quality of our lives and those under our care. Saying no to their wishes can sometimes upset people who may want a different outcome for us. Be sure to mind those who stand beside you and lean on them at this time for emotional support. If you are aware of who the father is, we will need to obtain legal permission to place your baby for adoption. 

We will provide counseling and therapy services for you to have peace of mind throughout the process and beyond. Mental health is important for you to not only get through this transition but to put the pieces of your life back together. We are committed to helping you do that. 

Florida Adoptions

At Adoption Choices of Florida, we are eager to help you find the best plan that suits your family. Our staff is eager to provide you with legal, medical, and financial support and one-on-one counseling. We can meet you at a convenient location or virtually. The choice is yours. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us, and let’s start putting your life back together so that you can rest easy and know that both your goals and your baby are safe and sound. 

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251