8 Thoughts Birth Parents have During Adoption Process

October 13, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

8 Thoughts Birth Parents have During Adoption Process

By Madeline McRae

Every birth parent might have a ton of questions and racing thoughts in their minds when going through the adoption process. It can be easy to get caught up in the anxiety and daunting thoughts that can occur. Having friends, loved ones, or professionals that you can reach out to may help you relieve the anxiety that you might have. Here are some thoughts and questions that you might find yourself coming across.

Thoughts Birth Parents have During Adoption Process

1. What can I Expect During the Process?

You could expect many questions from the adoption agency of your choice, as well as some paperwork and financial plans that you might need to continue. Lay out of what you can expect can be found at Adoption Choices of Florida. As well as people always available to help with the load. 

2. How Difficult is the Paperwork?

The legality side of the process can be daunting as it can deal with many medical, legal, and other forms that could confuse birth parents. Luckily, Adoption Choices of Florida or any other adoption agency you choose will be more than happy to help you with the proper paperwork or questions you might have. Taking it step-by-step, one page at a time could help you control any overwhelming feeling you might get. Getting caught up in the confusing questions may be easy, so just keep in mind to go at your own pace and ask questions if need be.

3. How long does the Adoption Process Take?

The length of time depends on which adoption agency you choose, but it may usually last months or a year for both state and federal regulations to comply.

4. Is This Something That I Want to Go Through?

The thought of doubt and anxiety may be common thoughts when going through the adoption phase. You could be scared or nervous. Whatever the feeling might be, anxious and worrying thoughts could occur while you are going through the adoption process. Just remember to reassure yourself of why you chose to go through this and that feeling like this can be normal. If you decide to change your mind, make sure you are 100% sure and contact the adoption agency of your choice.

5. What Type of Family Do I Want My Child In?

This is ultimately up to you, and it may be a lot of pressure and easy to wrap your brain around what you want for the future child. For example, you may want pets in the family, siblings, or a close extended family to be involved. You can discuss it with any of our adoption agencies in Florida. We can help you filter out specific families you do or don’t want.

6. Can I Keep in Touch with the Child’s Life if I Choose?

Depending on how transparent you want to be in the adoption process, that can be answered. There are several options: closed, semi-open, and open adoption. Depending on which one you choose will give you access to their life and records such as medical, school plan, financial, etc. if you so choose. 

7. Can I Change My Mind?

One common question most birth parents have is if they are allowed to change their minds. Luckily, you can always change it if the adoption has not been finalized. Once finalization is complete, you will not be able to revert the adoption option unless it was done under duress, fraud, or coercion. Adoption Choices of Florida will have people on board willing to help you with anything you might have. However, if you do choose to change your mind, make sure you are 100% sure of your choice.

8. Are These Emotions I’m Feeling Normal?

Of course, the adoption process can be a daunting one and can often feel overwhelming. It’s only natural to feel any sort of emotion during the process. It’s important to contact loved ones or professionals whenever you feel any overwhelming emotions, remember that it is natural, and do not beat yourself up in this time of stress.

We are here to Help Birth Parents with all Their Adoption Needs

It’s important to remember that this process can take a long time and maybe grueling for some people. It’s essential to have professionals and loved ones by your side in this time of need. As the adoption process may be confusing and daunting to some. Remember that you are not alone; never feel bad about reaching out for help.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call or text us at: (833) 352-3678.