Types of Adoption and Holidays

December 4, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Types of Adoption and Holidays

By Amber Godin

Adoption and holidays are both celebratory events with an exceptional impact on birth parents and adoptive families. By choosing the right adoptive family, and dynamic with the adoptive family for your child, you strengthen family ties. Which is what celebrating the holidays is about. The holidays are also about celebrating your values that are honored before, during, and after the adoption journey. When considering adoption agencies in Florida, you will find our agency offering no-cost services and resources for pregnant women.

We provide quality services for women facing unexpected pregnancy in the state of Florida. If you are considering adoption, we offer you the resources for a successful journey. Resources we provide for pregnant women include financial, legal, and medical care. Also, our agency includes a supportive team of professionals to guide you through the adoption process. Visit us online or in person at Adoption Choices of Florida to meet with your adoption specialist.

 The Three Types of Adoption in Florida

 The first step on your adoption journey after contacting our agency is meeting with an adoption counselor. Your counselor will help guide you through the adoption process in all aspects. If you decide on adoption and want to figure out what level of communication, you will then work with an adoption caseworker. They will go over the types of communication plans with the adoptive family. This includes the level of openness, or contact you wish to have with adoptive parents regarding your child. For determining the level of openness after the adoption is complete, there are three types of adoption for you to consider. To help give you a better understanding of each type of adoption in Florida, here are descriptions.

Open Adoption

Starting a birth plan sooner rather than later is advised for women who are pregnant and considering adoption. This way you can learn one of the most important parts of the adoption process. Choosing the types of adoption which work best for you. Open adoption is the most common choice over other adoption types. Offering more benefits than other adoption types to everyone involved in the adoption experience. This is a type of adoption where you maintain the most contact with your child. Because it allows birth parents to establish a relationship with their child, and it may offer greater wellbeing. In agreement with the adoptive family, it allows the exchange of information for regular contact, including health updates. Furthermore, open adoption helps birth mothers who wish to remain in touch with their child throughout life rather than stay anonymous.

Semi-Open Adoption

If you’re a birth mother looking to remain in touch from a distance. Considering semi-open adoption is an alternative that combines both open and closed adoption. This type of plan offers the benefit of helping your adopted child maintain a sense of identity. And it can help both birth mothers and adoptees with feelings of abandonment. Sem-open adoption also allows birth mothers with more control in selecting adoptive families than closed adoption. This type of adoption allows privacy in communication through our agency. Most of all, you have the opportunity to form a relationship with your baby. Getting to meet your child in the future is still a possibility with this adoption type. Otherwise, semi-open adoption allows the birth mothers privacy while still enabling communication through mediums such as e-mail and letters. You would work with an adoption caseworker to guide you in what mediums to share such as email and photographs. Semi-open adoption also means you are involved more at a distance than open adoption. Birth parents are able to receive updates on a child’s life, whether medical or otherwise, unlike closed adoption.

  Closed Adoption 

Closed adoption may not be as common as open, but it is considered the most traditional form. With this type of adoption, there is no contact between birth parents and their child. If you’re a birth mother in a circumstance where you prefer complete anonymity, then this plan may be best. If privacy or anonymity is not a priority for you, you can add family or friends to closed adoption. It is a personal choice that you will determine fits your needs and preferences. Because not everyone understands your decision on adoption, we are here to support you in your adoption journey. Closed adoption still allows birth mothers control in your hospital and birth plan. Including who will be in the room with you during birth, and if you want to hold your baby. You are also able to list your preferences for adoptive parents. 

This type of adoption means there is no identifying information exchanged between birth mothers and adoptive families. It is closed for communication, and otherwise for birth mothers who wish to remain private and not have their identity revealed to adoptive parents and their child. Otherwise, there is no pressure in taking your time to decide which adoption type is for you. We will guide you through the pros and cons of each adoption type. Our adoption specialists are here and ready to help you make an informed decision based on your best interests.

 Deciding on The Level of Communication in Your Adoption Plan

 Before you decide on placing your baby up for adoption, it’s important to explore all your options. You will want to weigh all the pros and cons with your adoption caseworker to determine which works best. It is deciding if you want a lot, any, or no communication with the adoptive parents and your child. Our adoption professionals will work with you based on your situation and preferences. We know that everyone has unique circumstances and no one journey is exactly like for birth mothers.

 For example, if you want open communication, an open adoption plan is an option. Or, if you want to maintain some privacy but still receive updates, then semi-open adoption is a great option. A closed adoption is not as common but as viable as other types of adoption. It has the benefit of helping birthmothers overcome difficult emotions, such as guilt. Otherwise, this plan is beneficial for birth mothers to maintain privacy. All options are valid and dependent on the birth mother’s circumstance, such as an unplanned pregnancy. The bottom line is that not only is adoption an option, but there are also options for the type of adoption. Our agency specializes in adoption including in Tampa and our adoption services also offer private adoption. Our adoption caseworkers with our agencies across Florida can help you review adoptive families to consider.

Choosing a Forever Family in Your Adoption Plan

 Whether you choose a local private adoption agency or not, we will help you review adoptive parent profiles. This is the third step, after you contact Adoption Choices of Florida, and after you create your adoption plan.

 A critical part of your adoption plan is choosing your adoptive family. Our caseworkers are adoption specialists who will go over adoptive family bios, pictures, and other information about prospective families.

The most important thing to consider is ensuring your child is getting unconditional love. There are other things to consider when choosing a forever family. Those include the type of environment they would live in, family values, having any pets, and so on. Just because adoption can be a complex process, it doesn’t need to be complicated. One way to determine a forever family is by the type of adoption you want. This can be influenced by holidays.

 How Holidays Influence Types of Adoption

 The holidays are for celebrating and strengthening family bonds. They are celebrated based on traditional and personal values. For birth mothers, the holidays are also about celebrating the journey and outcome of adoption. This also means celebrating each type of adoption by also seeing the positives for each.

 Because in the traditional sense holidays mean family and togetherness. An open adoption may be best if you wish to be able to visit your child on a holiday. If you choose a closed adoption, then you agree to have no contact with your child, including holidays. That does not mean you do not love or care for your child. With the support of our adoption agencies , you learn much more than how to start the adoption process. You learn holidays are also for celebrating adoption as a loving, responsible choice.

 In conclusion, whichever type of adoption you commit to is based on your commitment to caring for the wellbeing of your child. The holidays are a time for adoptive families to navigate their adoption type dynamic. With open communication, sensitivity, and understanding it transforms perhaps a formerly stressful time into a beautiful time. After all, the holidays are a way to honor your child’s adoption journey and celebrate extraordinary family ties.

Our adoption professionals are here to accompany you on your adoption journey. We have already helped many pregnant women in situations like yours. Whether in a pregnancy crisis or just not ready to be a mother. We listen and understand that reasons to consider adoption are personal and nothing to be guilty about. Contact us at Adoption Choices of Florida to speak to an adoption specialist available 24/7, and it is cost-free!