Types of Families to Adopt My Baby in Florida

February 20, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Types of Families to Adopt My Baby in Florida

By Jesse Popp

Being unsure of your next steps is challenging if you are pregnant from either a planned or unplanned pregnancy. There is a multitude of decisions you can make regarding your pregnancy, though. That being said, adoption in Florida is always an option with Adoption Choices of FloridaAdoption Choices of Florida offers private adoption services that allow birth mothers to control their adoption plan. So, if you do decide on adoption, Adoption Choices is here to help. One of the most important steps in formulating your adoption plan consists of choosing an adoptive family.

This process can begin with the birth mother marking down desired qualities for prospective adoptive families. However, to gain a full grasp of qualities to consider, you should learn about different types of adoptive families. You may now be thinking, “where are adoption agencies near me?” Well, Adoption Choices of Florida’s adoption agencies are accessible all over Florida and will accommodate your needs! We will stay by your side through the entire adoption process, including the adoption family matching process. So, without further ado, let’s learn about your potential options for types of adoptive families!

What Are the Different Types of Adoptive Families in Florida?

When trying to find an adoptive family for your baby, it’s smart to know the different types of families. First, understanding this can help you discover what type of life you want for your child. Then, it leads to you being able to pick a family that matches what you envision for your baby!

Transracial Adoptive Family

A transracial adoptive family is a family of a different race than yourself and your baby looking to adopt. Choosing transracial adoption means understanding your child will be growing up in a culture different from your own. Different doesn’t mean bad, though! There are many benefits to exposing your baby to new and differing traditions!

Same-Sex and LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents

Same-sex adoptive parents are typically partners of the same sex looking to adopt a child. Same-sex adoptive parents are not limited to just same-sex couples, though! Any of the two parents may prefer LGBTQ+ couple identities other than “same-sex.” This might mean that a parent’s assigned sex at birth doesn’t match their gender identity. Choosing same-sex or LGBTQ+ adoptive parents also means understanding that your child will be experiencing a new culture. Which, as previously stated, opens many doors for beneficial opportunities!

Single Adoptive Parent

A single adoptive parent is an individual person looking to adopt a baby. This means they will assume all responsibilities of parental roles. Not having a partner to help parent a child doesn’t mean diminished parenting quality, though. In fact, it is also just another different style of life that can be beneficial for your child! Choosing a single adoptive parent means understanding and accepting a different lifestyle for your baby. 

Military Adoptive Family

An adoptive military family consists of one or both of the parents being a part of the military. Choosing military adoptive parents may mean acknowledging your child could be relocating semi-frequently. However, having a child experience different living locations can be very beneficial. It can also be a great way for them to see the country!

Traditional Adoptive Family

Traditional Adoptive Families are typically a mother and father of the same race as you and your baby. Being traditional doesn’t mean it is the superior option, though! Every other type of adoptive family has the same level of merit as traditional families! Choosing a traditional adoptive family may mean wanting your child to have similar experiences to you growing up! 

Whichever adoptive family type you decide to choose is okay! Having preferences is perfectly normal. It will also help you find the right adoptive family during the matching process!

How to Begin the Family Matching Process in Florida

Adoption Choices of Florida has a screening process that approves prospective parents to adopt! This process has an application and a home study. Both, once passed, place adoptive families on the waiting list. These families have data marking the type of adoptive parents they are, as well as many other qualities. These qualities could include their hobbies or the type of adoption they prefer the birth mother to go with. When beginning the matching process, you can mark down any of the preferences you have regarding these qualities. This will make the families that you match with have good potential because of their similar ideals to you. 

To begin the matching process, you will need to get in contact with Adoption Choices of Florida. This may mean you are continuing to wonder, “where are adoption agencies near me?” Well, Adoption Choices has offices in Gainesville and Tampa. You can reach your local agency by calling (813) 559-0943. To contact the agency for adoption in Jacksonville, call (904) 559-1251. For adoption in Miami, call (786) 558-0431. Adoption Choices has a toll-free line open 24 hours a day which can be reached by calling (833) 352-3678.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call or text us at: (833) 352-3678.