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Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy Jacksonville, Florida

If you know you can't parent, adoption is an option

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming. You may still be unfamiliar with this process, even with the additional resources. No matter what your circumstance is, know that you are not alone, and we will support you throughout this journey. Adoption Jacksonville is here to walk you through the options of an unplanned pregnancy and find the best choice. In addition, there are services available for you to look into. 

The Three Options for Unplanned Pregnancy

In brief, you have three options: parenting your child, terminating your pregnancy, or choosing adoption. Raising your baby is an option, but it is not practical for everyone. That is why the choice is ultimately up to you and what makes you feel comfortable. Termination of your pregnancy is also another option. Termination is a choice that many birth mothers consider. Each option comes with pros and cons, and our adoption specialists within the Private adoption services will walk with you to decide. 

What is the Adoption Process Like? 

If you are considering the third option of Choosing Adoption, we are here to provide you with support and additional resources to make this process smooth for you. This can be an overwhelming journey for a birth mother. That is why  Adoption Choices of Florida will support you with this journey. 

Step 1: Contact Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoption Choices of Florida has a full range of adoption services to meet your requirements and needs. Here are a few things that we offer:

  • Licensed – Our agency is able to provide financial support to pregnant women who make an adoption plan with us. We can help with the necessary care of groceries, utilities, household items, and transportation, 
  • Prenatal Care – We make sure that you have appropriate prenatal care with medical professionals. 
  • Personal Attention – Our professionals will walk with you throughout this journey, and you are not alone. 
  • Responsive – Available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond to your needs in a quick manner. 
  • Helping Families Statewide – We will make sure an adoption specialist is available for you, no matter where you live in Florida. 
  • Transparent – We want you to understand your options and which decisions are best for you. We will have all of the information at hand and will not mislead you in any way. 
Step Two: Make an Adoption Plan

You will work with an adoption specialist to create an adoption plan that meets your requirements and needs. This includes choosing which types of adoption you prefer: open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. These options conclude how much involvement you’ll have with your child and the involvement of the birth family. 

Your adoption plan will also include budget aid, searching for an adoptive family that fits your needs, making a birth plan, care throughout your pregnancy, and post-placement support.

Step Three: Review Adoptive Families

Your Adoption Specialist will give you a variety of profiles of Adoptive Families. These are full of information with pictures, books, and descriptions. You will review them and choose individually to see which is the best fit for you. 

Step Four: Pregnancy and Communication

After you have been matched with your chosen adoptive family, you will continue to attend medical appointments and keep in touch with your adoption specialist and your adoptive family (open adoption).

Step Five: Give Birth & Adoption Placement

We will help with your birth plan in the hospital. This includes who will be present when you are delivering your baby, if you will meet or hold your baby, and who will pick your baby’s name. After you give birth, you have up to 48 hours to sign relinquishment papers (this will terminate all parental rights). After that, the baby will leave the hospital with your chosen adoptive family.

Step Six: Post-Placement Support

We will provide counseling for you no matter what. We are here for you, and we will guide you through your post journey. You can always contact Adoption Choices of Florida for guidance. We know how emotional it can be within the adoption process and after it. That is why we will support you at no cost at any time you need it. 

Adoption agencies near me when choosing Adoption

If you are considering adoption or if you want to discuss other unplanned pregnancy options, you can further look into adoption agencies near me. Our Jacksonville adoption agency is here to guide you. You deserve all of the additional resources to keep this journey a smooth and comfortable one. 

Jacksonville Unplanned Pregnancy

Providing Different Kinds of Adoption Support

Some of the adoption services and support we provide for expecting mothers in Jacksonville:

  • Financial Stability- Whether you choose adoption or not, Your financial situation will change while you are pregnant. That is why we want to make sure that you know financial knowledge of budgeting and planning. 
  • Medical Care- Your health will change greatly during and after your pregnancy. And so will your healthcare. That is why We will make sure that you have access to prenatal care from healthcare providers. 
  • A Safe Space- If you are feeling unsafe in your own home due to your unplanned pregnancy, we will provide you with a safe place to stay within your needs during your pregnancy journey. 
  • Supportive Counseling- Our counselors will be there to guide you through this journey. We want to help you feel better about your journey and provide you with resources that will further make this an easier process for you. 

It is normal to feel overwhelmed or scared when you have an unplanned pregnancy. That is why Adoption Choices of Florida is here to help you throughout this journey. Know that you are not alone and the choice you make doesn’t define you. Whatever choice you make is for your own needs, and we will support your decision every step of the way. 

If you are a woman seeking options for an unplanned pregnancy, you can contact us through Adoption Choices of Florida

Content prepared by Rose O’Connor

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