Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Are you considering to place a child up for adoption? Choosing a local adoption agency to assist you and support you through the adoption process is important. 

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Positive Adoption Language

Positive adoption language refers to the use of inclusive and respectful terminology when discussing adoption and individuals who have been adopted, who have placed a child for adoption, and/or who have adopted.

Using positive adoption language means avoiding stigmatizing or negative words that may perpetuate stereotypes or undermine the challenges associated with adoption.

Some negative language might include: give up baby/child for adoption, put up baby/child for adoption, or real mom. Instead, we promote positive language like place baby/child for adoption, birth mother, and make an adoption plan. 

By using positive adoption language, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all those involved in the adoption community.

Unplanned, Unexpected, or Unwanted Pregnancy

I'm pregnant and I don't want the baby; what should I do for an unplanned pregnancy?

You have found Adoption Choices of Florida because you are searching for unplanned pregnancy options or adoption options in Florida. You are facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy or you are pregnant and don’t want the baby. Your feelings are valid and you are not alone. We work with pregnant women and pregnant teens across Florida facing the same struggle. No matter what your reason is for considering adoption it is a brave and selfless one!  

Adoption is a healthy loving choice if you don’t want to become a parent, but you don’t want to have an abortion. 

How common is an unplanned pregnancy?

In the United States, approximately 45% of the 6 million pregnancies each year are unexpected. Married, unmarried, young women, teens, older women, black, white, hispanic… — are facing unplanned pregnancies. Some decide to parent, some terminate the pregnancy, and some choose adoption.

What are my options if I get pregnant?

In brief, you have 3 options: parent your child, terminate your pregnancy, or choose adoption. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons which our adoption specialists will thoroughly go through each with you. We want to make sure you are making the most well thought out decision. We want you to be confident with your decision. 

What is adoption?

Adoption is a formal process organized by adoption agencies and local authorities, and made legal by the courts. It is a choice that birth mothers/parents are able to make when they know that parenting their child nor terminating the pregnancy are the right choice for them.

Adoption is a way of providing the security, love, and permanence of a family to your child. Through the adoption journey, you will continue with the pregnancy and give birth, but you won’t look after the baby, and you won’t have legal rights or responsibilities regarding the child once the adoption is complete.

When a woman chooses adoption for her baby, it’s a sacrifice she makes to give her baby the best opportunity at life. Open adoption allows birth parents to watch their children grow up through  pictures, emails, letters, and social media. However, closed adoption is also still an option. 

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