Unwrapping Holiday Joy and Grief (for birth parents)

December 13, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Unwrapping Holiday Joy and Grief (for birth parents)

By Anabel Sierra

The holidays can be filled with joyous occasions or extremely stressful for new parents. Sometimes, both can happen. But if you are a new parent thinking about putting your baby up for adoption, it can be nothing but stressful. However, it doesn’t need to be because Adoption Choices Florida is here to help. Putting a baby up for adoption is a difficult and life-changing process, and those who choose this path are brave for it. 

We will help you choose the perfect adoptive family for your baby, even during the holiday season. As a birth parent, you might be worried about the adoptive family’s holiday traditions, and you would like to share your own. 

Giving your baby the opportunity to be still connected to their culture or you as the birth mother is a beautiful sentiment. Adoption agencies much like us at Adoption Choices of Florida, understand how difficult it can be to place your child up for adoption. 

Adoption in Florida

You might be wondering how the adoption process in Florida works. 

First, you contact Adoption Choices of Florida. We are a licensed agency, and we are able to provide financial help to you as a birth mother with an unplanned pregnancy. Not only that, but we will make sure all of your prenatal needs are met. We are available 24/7 for any concerns you might have, whether it’s about the pregnancy or how to start the adoption process. 

Next, you will set up an adoption plan with one of our experienced adoption counselors. This includes your budget for support, adoptive family search, birth plan, and any support you may need post-placement. 

Once you choose your baby’s adoptive family, you will then be able to discuss any wants or needs of the adoptive family. This includes any holidays or traditions you would like to be included in your baby’s life, as we mentioned before. If you choose to have an open adoption, you’ll be able to be updated as your child grows with their adoptive parents and converse with the parents. 

After that, the birth and placement of your child will happen. We will make sure that the adoptive family is on board with all of your desires. At any point, you, as the birth parent, are allowed to discontinue the adoption process. If not, you will sign all legal parental rights, and your child will leave the hospital with their adoptive family. 

Finally is the post-placement support. We know that this is a tough process, and you are brave for doing it. You may utilize our services for as long as you want or need. Whether it is days, months, or years after placement, we will be here for you, even during the holidays.

Adoption Tampa and Adoption Services

Now that you know how to start the adoption process, you should know exactly where we provide our services. From the panhandle to all the way to Miami, we have adoption agencies throughout the state of Florida. If you are somewhere in the middle, such as Tampa, don’t worry. We have an agency there to help you throughout the process and provide the exact same services listed above. 

Share Your Traditions with Adoption Agencies in Florida

There are several holiday traditions that you, as the birth mother, might want to hand to the adoptive family. Those traditions might include celebrating certain holidays, making a certain dish, or something as simple as opening presents early. 

Here at Adoption Choices of Florida, we understand and believe that every child should grow up with a connection to their birth parents–however it looks. If you wish to have an open adoption, then the adoptive parents are able to contact you if they need any guidance on how you wish to perform your holiday traditions, whether it’s creating your grandmother’s famous pot roast or celebrating a completely different holiday such as Hanukkah. 

If you are a mother in Florida and you wish to put your child up for adoption, we can and will help, no matter the season. We encourage you to give us a call or stop by one of our many adoption agencies in Florida.