What Adoption Plan in FL is Right For You When Finding Your Baby an Adoption Agency?

You finally decided to put your child up for adoption. This decision isn’t an easy one. However, this decision is another step to creating a loving family for your child. Now for the tricky part. Everyone’s family type is different. You may not know what kind of adoption family you want to choose. There may be specific requirements that fall under their circumstances. But, don’t worry, no matter what family type they are, most requirements of the adoption process are the same. If the family type you are searching for are: single parent, non-married couple, same-sex partners, married, or a stepparent; then these need to know will help you understand the journey ahead and to prepare you for choosing the right adoption plan in FL for you.

Single, Married Couple, Same-Sex Partner Adoption Requirements 

If you are curious to know if there are any differences between a single person or a couple adopting your child, there are none. They all need to go through the same process when deciding to adopt a child. The adoptive families need to undergo a home study to get acquainted with what goes into Florida adoptions. Once that is complete, they can start searching. As the birth parent, you may want a specific family dynamic for your child, or it may not matter. However, you want to make sure that the adoptive parent(s) have four important things: be financially stable, have time management, and are 21 and over. They go over your income, assets, medical insurance, and sign personal documents. This is all-important that will be taken into account when searching for the right family. 

  • Careful financial plan: The adoption agency goes over their income, assets, and medical insurance. All these things will be taken into account to prove if they can manage a child.
  • Time management: 
  • Age: In the United States, in the state of Florida, you must be 21 years old or older to adopt.
  • State residency: When planning to adopt a child, the adoptive parents must prove their residency within the state of Florida.

What is Home Study, How Does it Work?

Home study is a requirement for all family types in the state of Florida. Home study is when a social worker or agency counselor visits the adoptive family’s home. This is an informative session for the adoptive parents. They are also looking for the right process for them. When it’s mutual on both ends, then this decision can benefit you and your child. The social worker or agency counselor’s job is to assess the adoptive family’s home and ask personal questions. These questions are:

  •  Residency: If you are a birth parent living in Florida, I am sure you want the adoptive family to be a resident in Florida as well, maybe even in the same town or city. An adoptive family must prove their residency.
  •  Health: The adoptive family’s medical information is important to you. You want to make sure that the adoptive family you are choosing is healthy and can take care of your child. 
  • Local, State, and Federal Background Check: You want the adoptive parents to have a clear history. The Adoption Choices of Florida does thorough background checks on any information regarding the adoptive parents. Only those with no infractions in their personal history will be accepted to adopt a child. 
  •  No Criminal or Abuse History- Every household member over eighteen years of age must go through the clearance process to make sure they are emotionally stable. Their record must be clear of any criminal history that is incriminating. There must be no history of child abuse.
  •  References from work, family, friends: You may want to be completely sure that the adoptive family you are choosing is trustful. Having family members, friends, and employee/boss opinions can be a useful source to make your final decision. 

Once these things are clarified, then the baby adoption agency will frequently visit to see how the adoptive family’s environment is on any other day. This is just an extra precaution.

What are the Three Types of Adoption When Choosing an Adoption Plan in FL

  • Closed Adoption: You, as the birth parent, legally relinquish your rights to your child. The adoptive parents will have full rights and custody of your child when the adoption process is complete. 
  • Open Adoption: When both adoptive and birth parents are open about everything personal. Both have full disclosure of their personal information. This can include medical, background, and personal life. You can also contact each other through personal calls, emails, letters, and phones.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: You decide to pick an adoptive family but want to have minimal contact with them. Everything is processed through the agency. You do not have to give any personal information. It must be requested by the adoptive family through the adoption agency. All conference calls, letters, and emails will be mediated by a social worker or adoption agent from the agency. 

Now That I Know Which is the Right Adoption Plan in FL is for Me, What’s the Next Step?

When you finally consider all aspects of the kind of family you want to choose and the steps to complete the process, you go to Adoption Choices of Florida and schedule a time to meet with a social worker. We will assist you in finding the right adoption process for you. You are the one creating this journey. You deserve the best care.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251