What do to When Experiencing an Unplanned Pregnancy

March 11, 2024

By Adoption Choices of Florida

What do to When Experiencing an Unplanned Pregnancy

By Shaina Santagata

Pregnancy is portrayed as an overwhelmingly happy time in a birth mother’s life. An image of a positive pregnancy test, a mother and father happily staring down, and both future parents look adoringly at her stomach. But what happens if that isn’t the case? It is not a picture-perfect moment for birth mothers who are unsure, fearful, or in crisis. It may be the complete opposite. Adoption Choices of Florida aims to educate mothers faced with unplanned pregnancies about the option of adoption of their newborn.

Women and families trying to navigate the winding road of unplanned pregnancy may find solace in the adoption process and other resources available to them through Adoption Choices of Florida. Adoption agencies look to provide resources to individuals who elect to put their newborn up for adoption. Our mission and goal are to assist all birth mothers with matching their babies with a prospective family that will provide a loving and enriching environment for them to grow up in. Adoption provides both birth mother and baby with a new start that they can thrive in.

What Types of Unplanned Pregnancies are there?

Unplanned pregnancies are those that occur out of line with the individual or family’s desired timing or individual life plan. Response to unplanned pregnancy can be a spectrum of emotions encompassing all from joy, surprise, fear, and anxiety. Three types of unplanned pregnancy that are the most recognized:

  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Unexpected pregnancy
  • Crisis pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy occurs when the reality of having a baby is not desired, no matter when it falls on the birth mother’s timeline. Second, an unexpected pregnancy occurs outside of a proposed or desired timeline. Lastly, a crisis pregnancy evokes significant emotional, financial, or social distress due to occurring and challenging circumstances.

Many factors can contribute to an unplanned pregnancy. Having little to no access to contraception is very common. There may be a lack of knowledge available to the birth mother based on her economic standing. Another situation that can take place is the failure of contraception even when used. Sexual violence or coercion, underlying medical conditions, financial hardship, or lack of social support are all contributors as well.

What are the Emotional Impacts of Unplanned Pregnancy?

The individual and personal impact of an unplanned pregnancy can range from feelings of shock, grief, anger, confusion, and anxiety. The range exists due to particular circumstances that the birth mother is going through at that point in her life. Some birth mothers may already have children. While they might love having a family, financial strain could already exist in the household. When a birth mother gets confronted with whether or not they should parent her baby, trying to figure out how she could afford another mouth to feed is a prominent concern.

Some birth mothers are limited on resources without having a child in the mix. A newborn child to care for adds a new layer of stress they were unprepared for, especially if they have to do it alone. They might have no support from their family or friends. The birth father may also be non-existent or unhealthy to keep around for the long term. Should the birth mother find herself seemingly alone, this journey can lead to emotional turmoil that no one should have to go through.

What Resources Are Available for Birth Mothers with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Give yourself some time to process what you’re experiencing. Honor your feelings and embrace them slowly. You do not need to sort every last detail out now. Florida adoption agencies will walk you through the process one step at a time. Should you choose to give your baby up for adoption, you will receive the best care that we can provide. We genuinely care about birth mothers just like you, who have found themselves in a bind. From experience, we have found that when birth mothers choose isolation, it can make matters much more challenging.

Women can use resources for emotional support and professional support if needed. Adoption Choices of Florida offers confidential counseling, support groups, and information about options available regarding pregnancy. Our agencies provide confidential counseling, support groups, and more in-depth information about pregnancy options. Counseling provides a non-judgmental third party who takes your thoughts and feelings seriously without bias. They are trained professionals who will give you the space to speak freely and address each emotion you’re going through. You can find solace in that whatever you speak of to a counselor is strictly between you and them. They can be a beacon of light in a vast, dark sea of fear.