What Does Making an Adoption Plan Look Like in Florida?  

March 25, 2024

By Adoption Choices of Florida

What Does Making an Adoption Plan Look Like in Florida?  

If you are a woman considering adoption and seeking information on how to create a birth plan, then Adoption Choices of Florida is here to provide it for you. Here, we will explain what the steps are in order to develop your birth plan and the finalization process after you’ve given your final consent. 

The step-by-step method we have in place to establish your adoption plan is to ensure each decision has been made by you. Doing this offers a positive adoption experience and placement. It is also important for you to know that you are not alone during the adoption process, and you will have full support from an adoption counselor.

What Does Making an Adoption Plan Look Like?  

 Contact Adoption Agency: 

After you have contacted Adoption Choices of Florida, you will speak with an adoption counselor and schedule your initial visit to the agency. You have the option to call or text, whichever one you are more comfortable doing. During this time, the counselor will go over with you all of the options you have before making the final decision of adoption in Jacksonville and throughout Florida. This is also when you can establish and schedule an initial meeting at the adoption agency, and the counselor can come to you if you do not feel comfortable coming to the office.

Completing Your Adoption Paperwork

Adoption Choices of Florida will assign you an adoption counselor who will be there to guide you thoroughly through the necessary paperwork. Then will be the beginning of the development of your adoption plan, and the type of adoption you want will be formed. 

Create Your Adoption Plan 

Your adoption counselor will help and guide you through making specific decisions to form your adoption plan. This includes, financial budgeting for your daily, monthly needs and locating a doctor to begin your prenatal care.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

When choosing an adoptive family, Adoption Choices of Florida provides you with impeccable adoption families who are eager to bring a new bundle of joy home with them. Your counselor will bring you a list of adoptive families that are based on your specific preferences. If you do not see a family that resonates with you, then Adoption Choices of Florida will bring you more to look through. After the choosing of an adoptive family, you will have completed the matching process. 

Extended Support for Birth Mothers

At this stage of the adoption process, your counselor will speak to you about your hospital plan, and help take you to and from your doctors appointments. The additional resources that we offer will be discussed with your adoption specialists. Such resources include financial expenses, housing, gift cards for any other needs, etc. 

Creating Your Birth Plan

Adoption Choices of Florida will have your adoption counselor be present with you during the birth, to advocate on your behalf. There will be time for you to spend with the baby and see the adoptive family. Depending on the type of adoption you choose, if communication is limited between you and the adoptive family, then your counselor will communicate on your behalf. Once you have been discharged from the hospital, your counselor will bring you to court to give your final parental consent. You will not be expected to do any of this alone. You will have the full guidance and support of your counselor during the entire adoption process. 

Additional Post-Placement Support

After the placement and your final rights being completed, you can also access counseling for up to six months post-delivery. Depending on the type of adoption you chose, an agreement would have been made with the adoptive family for post-placement communication. Any expenses you may receive will also continue up to 6 months after delivery. 

The resources that Adoption Choices of Florida offers are to help birth mothers during their adoption journey with security, finances, transportation, etc. Adoption plans are a great way for us to ensure that birth mothers are making all decisions so their adoption experience goes just the way they’d like it to. Adoption Choices of Florida is a renowned and respected adoption agency in Florida here to ensure you the best adoption experience with guidance and respect.