What Does “Private Adoption” Mean? 

November 13, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

What Does “Private Adoption” Mean? 

By Bonnie Wakefield

Are you pregnant and have been considering child adoption? If you’re exploring the different types of adoptions, you might be interested in learning more about Private Adoption. In Florida, you’ll find many adoption agencies, and among them, Adoption Choices of Florida stands out. We have a network of professionals waiting to assist you with our private adoption services.

What is Private Adoption?

Private adoption involves placing your baby up for adoption through an agency like Adoption Choices of Florida. You also have the option to place the child directly with the adoptive parents of your choice. With private adoption, you create a birth plan based on your preferences, and everything goes just how you want it to. 

Private adoption is not to be confused with closed adoption. If you’re wondering about the difference, closed adoption simply means there’s no contact between you and the adoptive family. However, you may have to share non-identifying information about yourself so the adoptive family knows more about the baby’s background. Once the adoption is finalized, there is no communication at all with the adoptive family or your baby.

Benefits of Choosing a Florida Private Adoption

One of the benefits of choosing the private adoption route is having more control in the process. This means that the birth mother has the ability to make important decisions about their baby’s future. Not only can you choose the adoptive family, but you can also choose the level of openness with the family. If you were wondering about the possibility of still seeing your child, you could choose open or semi-open adoption.

Private Adoption vs Public Adoption

Public adoption is when a child is placed in foster care. Either the state has removed your child, or the baby has been involuntarily placed. The birth parent has no control over the process and doesn’t know what becomes of the child.

Private Adoption:

  • Control and Choice: As mentioned above, you have a significant level of control over the adoption process. You’re able to choose the loving adoptive family for your baby. You can also choose the level of care you want for yourself.
  • Adoption Plan: With private adoption, you can create an adoption that aligns with your preferences. The adoption plan includes the level of openness and contact with the baby and adoptive family.
  • Legal ProtectionAdoption Choices of Florida is a licensed agency that follows the laws and regulations to provide you with a legally sound process. The adoption is transparent and secure.
  • Emotional Support: Reputable adoption agencies offer emotional support, counseling, and guidance to birth parents. Here at Adoption Choices of Florida, we provide this valuable resource throughout and after the process.
  • Direct Transition: Private adoption means that your baby will be directly given to the chosen adoptive family. There are no uncertainties in the baby’s location or placement. You know right where they are.
  • Communication: As the birth parent, you can determine whether you’d like to have open adoption, semi-open, or closed adoption. With open adoption, you can be as active as you want in the child’s life. They’ll know who you are and everything. Semi-open allows you to confidentially receive updates about your baby. There doesn’t have to be direct communication, but you’ll still be aware of what’s happening in their life. Closed adoption offers no contact at all once the adoption is finalized. However, you can rest easy knowing that you chose a loving family on your own.

Public Adoption:

  • State Involvement: Public adoption, also known as foster care adoption, is managed by the state. Florida’s child welfare system becomes completely responsible for the needs of the baby.
  • Uncertainty: Public adoption can be a bit of a wild card when it comes to both the birth mother and adoptive family. The process may have a longer waiting period, and there’s no adoption plan that needs to be created. Thus, your baby may experience multiple homes before finding a permanent one.
  • Less Contact: The level of contact between the birth mother and baby is determined by Florida. The result may be limited contact or none at all.

The Private Route of Placing Baby Up For Adoption

Private adoption offers you the opportunity to make informed choices about the future of your child. This also allows you to maintain the level of contact you prefer that provides you peace of mind. This path ensures that your child has a loving and secure forever home, all while you play an active role if you wish. Adoption Choices of Florida stands ready to support you every step of the way. Our goal is to create a smooth journey during the child adoption process. We’re ready to provide the guidance and resources you need to navigate this process effectively. 

If you’re a woman seeking private adoption, you’re not alone. Your journey toward making a thoughtful decision about your child’s future is a big step. You can begin this path with us.