Understanding Adoption Disruption and How It Affects You as a Birth Mother

May 23, 2024

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Understanding Adoption Disruption and How It Affects You as a Birth Mother

By Isabelle Bryan

Choosing adoption as a birth mother is often an intensely personal and emotional decision. And each birth mother who chooses adoption may have different reasons and levels of certainty when doing so. For some birth mothers, placing your child for adoption is a sure thing. You know you cannot or do not want to raise a child. Others, however, may be less sure of their choice. Some may even realize that they do not want to place their child for adoption after all. 

A disrupted adoption—whether caused by the birth mother or adoptive family—may create emotional and strategic challenges for birth mothers. But no matter what happens, Adoption Choices of Florida is here for you. If you plan to disrupt the adoption, we can help you work through your decision and advocate for your rights. If the adoptive family does so, our adoption specialists can assist you in starting your search from the beginning. Either way, our adoption agencies are ready to support you.

What Is Adoption Disruption and When Can It Occur?

A disrupted adoption is the discontinuing of an adoption plan before it is finalized. It is similar to, but not the same as, adoption dissolution. In this case, an already finalized adoption is terminated, and the child goes elsewhere. 

Adoption disruption can happen at any time during the adoption process. It may occur due to a variety of reasons and because of either party. That is, either you or the adoptive family might decide not to go through with your Florida adoption. Pre-birth, this may happen for reasons including a lack of trust in your adoption agency. Alternatively, the adoptive family may experience a change in situation and lose the ability to adopt a child. They may even decide that your adoption plan—or adoption specifically—is no longer the right choice for them. 

Pre- and post-birth, you may disrupt your Florida adoption due to a change in your own situation. Over the course of your pregnancy, you may become too attached to your child to place them for adoption. Similarly, you may experience a change in situation and realize you can keep your child after all. No matter the case, backing out of the adoption is well within your rights. The only requirement is that you make a decision—one that you are sure of—within 48 hours of giving birth.

How Does the Disruption of a Florida Adoption Emotionally Impact the Birth Mother? 

Disruption can happen for any number of reasons during the adoption process. Take, for example, a single birth mother with financial difficulties experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. She may feel unable to raise her child without the proper planning, assistance, and available income. But perhaps over the course of her adoption, she develops a support system. Family and friends may offer their assistance should she choose to keep the baby. She may get a new job, or a raise, and discover that her financial situation has changed. At this point, she has a question to ask herself: Is adoption what she absolutely, unquestionably wants? If the answer is no—and if she is sure she is ready to be a mother—she may disrupt the adoption.  

But there is a vast difference between a story and an actual adoption decision. Choosing to disrupt an adoption may present a variety of challenges for you as the birth mother. You may feel guilty about how the disruption will affect the adoptive family. Alternatively, you may feel anxious about whether you are actually prepared to keep your child. If you are far along in your pregnancy when you make your decision, you may feel unprepared and overstressed. There may be classes to take, things to buy, and planning to do. It is a lot to handle. But it is also not without its rewards. 

The adoptive family disrupting the adoption brings its own difficulties. You may feel angry that they backed out and left you to begin planning all over again. You may experience stress and anxiety for the same reason. You may also feel overwhelmed and that things are spiraling out of control. Should this happen, allow yourself to pause, take a breath, and remember that our adoption agencies are here for you.

The Importance of Understanding Your Options and Rights When Working With Our Adoption Agency

No matter what you choose, understanding your options and rights is a necessity. The more informed you are, the more prepared you may feel to make decisions. And the best time to make a decision is after gathering all of the available facts.

Learn about the types of adoption you can choose from—that is, open, semi-open, and closed. Ask your adoption specialist about the laws and regulations governing your Miami adoption. Develop an understanding of your rights as a birth mother, which may vary depending on your state and adoption agency. But also, make sure you consider what would go into parenting your child. The time and costs involved, for example, as well as whether your workplace provides you with any support. 

Take an objective look at the benefits and consequences of both choices, and factor in any changes in your situation. In the end, the most important thing is feeling like you are making the right decision. 

Adoption Resources and Services Provided by Adoption Choices of Florida

At Adoption Choices of Florida, we provide a number of adoption resources to help birth mothers during their adoption process. These include:

  • 24/7 availability to respond to any questions or concerns
  • Transparency and information to make sure you feel supported, safe, and sure of your decisions
  • Financial assistance with expenses including rent, clothing, and groceries for eligible birth mothers
  • Prenatal care
  • Counseling services
  • Housing accommodations during and briefly following your pregnancy
  • Help create an adoption and birth plan
  • Assistance for those dealing with an unplanned or teen pregnancy

Whether you are looking for non-faith-based or Christian adoption agencies, we are here for every birth mother. We will never make judgments based on age, race, religion, or sexuality. It is our goal to make sure any birth mother who wants to work with us can do so.  

The Emotional and Strategic Impact of Adoption Disruption 

Choosing and planning your child’s adoption can be intensely personal and emotionally overwhelming. Choosing or experiencing a disrupted adoption can be equally so. As such, it is important that you have access to whatever information and support you need during your adoption process. Allow yourself to consider your options unimpeded by a lack of knowledge or financial or emotional stress. And then, make the best decision possible—for yourself and your child—with confidence.

A disrupted adoption can create emotional upheaval for you as the birth mother. But no matter what you—or the adoptive family—choose, Adoption Choices of Florida is here for you. Should the prospective family end the adoption, our adoption specialists can help you choose new adoptive parents. Additionally, our adoption counselors can offer you the guidance you need to make decisions and heal emotionally. Our job is to help ensure you get what you need during your adoption process. Even if that means disrupting it.