What is Covered in Adoption Counseling in Florida?

August 29, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

What is Covered in Adoption Counseling in Florida?

By David Seamonson

Adoption can leave a very large impact on your life, and we know that there are many people that might not be in a very good place. Adoption agencies in Florida know that there are many questions that could be running through your head, and we want you to be prepared for as many of them as possible. We also know that not everyone will need the counseling services, but we want to make sure that everyone knows they are there and available to you if you need them. 

When can I start adoption counseling?

You can talk with our counselors when you initially start the adoption process. We know that when you came to adoption, there were many other options that you could have been thinking about. You might want clarification on if this is the only option that makes sense for you and if you could have done something else. You might not even know what you want or need. Our counselors can help you find what you need with your child. They can help you understand the adoption options ahead of you and which would help you the best. There the open adoption and semi-open adoption that has been known to help birth mothers face the reality of their decision and leave the door open so that they are not slamming a door on a large part of their past.

We cover you during the creation of the adoption plan, so if you have doubts or you lose track of why you chose adoption, we can offer an open ear to your doubts. It is a very stressful time for a lot of birth mothers. We want you to know that when you go through the adoption plan, you can do so by thinking clearly and focusing on what is important to you.

We also cover you after the adoption process. There can be cases of a mother’s guilt where you wonder if you could have taken care of your baby. You could wonder if the adopting family is parenting the way you could. These can affect you in many ways, and our counselors are open to hearing you. Moving past these issues takes time, and we will offer all that we can so that you can feel you can move on with no regrets.

Why do we offer adoption counsel?

As an adoption agency, we want to ensure that the baby, the birth mother, and the adopting family can continue living life the way they want. There are a lot of emotions that are going through you at any given time. Not everyone has a therapist or person they can talk to about their issues. You could feel like the things you feel are a burden on the people around you, but they are important questions to you and need to be answered. That is something that a counselor can help you understand and come to terms with.

You have lost a large part of what your life could have been, and what you have gone through is extremely difficult for you to process. It takes time, and it is different for everyone. For some people, it can take years before they can feel ready to move on. However, having access to a counselor or someone that knows how to help birth mother’s through their thoughts and feelings can help you to move on.

What is your adoption support system made of?

There are many birth mothers that are not in a place where everyone is happy in their life. You could have a strained relationship with your parents, and you might not have a best friend you can turn to. You might not have someone that can understand what you are going through. In other words, you could lack a support system. Our counselors offer their time so that you have someone to talk to about your problems and what other people might not be able to help you through. Not everyone is in a place where everyone in their life loves them. 

Adoption Counseling in Florida

Adoption agencies in Florida focus on the well-being of the birth mother. You have done something that many people cannot comprehend. You spent nine months pregnant and knew that the baby would not be yours in the end. That is brave and having people available all the time to help you understand why you are so brave is something that Adoption Choices of Florida focus on so that you can find yourself after the adoption process.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251