What is the Difference between an Expectant Mother/Pregnant Woman and a Birth Mother?

February 24, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

What is the Difference between an Expectant Mother/Pregnant Woman and a Birth Mother?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is the beginning of a journey with terms that go along with each step. It can be confusing to figure out which terms are used, and how they compare to other terms. The differences may not be large, but they do convey two different steps in the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Florida will help you through each stage and show you how to move onto the next stages. You will be guided from being an expectant mother/pregnant woman to a birth mother. You will never be confused or lost throughout your journey with our adoption agency. Our agency will help you find the difference between an expectant mother/pregnant woman and a birth mother and so much more.

Who is an Expectant Mother/Pregnant Woman?

Expectant mothers are women who are pregnant and considering adoption. All birth mothers have to start somewhere! The beginning stages of the adoption journey include researching all options, and that is when the use of “expectant mother” comes in.

Every birth mothers journey starts here. Not all expectant mothers/pregnant women decide to go through with the adoption journey and that is okay. Doing what is best for you and your child is most important. If adoption is the next step for you, Adoption Choices of Florida will help you from beginning to end. Our adoption agency is always available to answer your questions when you’re considering adoption, and to show you how to proceed if you do choose adoption.

Who is a Birth Mother?

A birth mother is someone who has chosen adoption, already placed baby for adoption or is currently placing baby for adoption. Essentially, the term, “birth mother,” is used after the choice of adoption has been made. After researching and considering all of your options, if adoption is best for you, our adoption agency will work closely with you on your next steps.

“Birth mother”  is a term to be proud of, from the time you first choose adoption to the rest of your adoption journey. As a birth mother, you become part of a wonderful extended family known as “the adoption triad” that combines  your life with your child’s and adoptive family’s lives. Additionally, the title/term is something to be proud of, because you earned it by making choices best for your child. Birth mothers are strong and selfish for giving a gift to a hopeful adoptive family.

How are Expectant Mother and Birth Mother Different?

The difference between an expectant mother/pregnant woman and a birth mother may seem muddy at first. Expectant mother/pregnant woman are terms used to describe someone who is considering or researching adoption. With this, they might be considering all options and not just adoption. Pregnant women and expectant mothers, as aforementioned, refer to you before starting the adoption journey. After all, not all expectant mothers/pregnant women move on to be birth mothers.

However, when you choose adoption and start your adoption journey, you become a birth mother. This term is then used from the beginning of the adoption process and for many years to come. Your child and adoptive family will forever be grateful for you as their birth mother. 

Both terms are used at some point of the adoption journey. Whether or not you become a birth mother is all up to you. All choices you make are valid and our adoption agency will not judge. The terms portray different stages/steps of your adoption journey. It can be helpful for you to know the terms. As someone facing an unplanned pregnancy, being an expectant mother then birth mother portrays all the valuable choices you made for you and your baby.

Figuring out the Differences Between Expectant Mother and Birth Mother

Which terms to use and when to introduce them may get confusing during the adoption journey. Facing an unplanned pregnancy leads to many terms, choices and stages. Yet, ultimately, doing what is best for you and your child is most important. If becoming a birth mother is what is best, our adoption agency is here to help. 

Adoption Choices of Florida will be there from the first step of being an expectant mother to the end step of being a birth mother. There are small differences between who an expectant mother and birth are, but you will not be alone in navigating those. Not everyone is familiar with the terms used throughout the adoption journey and that is okay. Our adoption agency will be there to guide you and answer all questions.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678