What Sets Adoption Choices of Florida Apart From Other Agencies?

September 8, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

What Sets Adoption Choices of Florida Apart From Other Agencies?

By Eric Somarriba

As a birth mother considering your adoption options, you’re most likely looking at many different agencies. From all these different adoption agencies, you can find more blogs like this dedicated to giving you information and guidance. But there’s still the ultimate choice of which agency you’ll choose to facilitate your adoption. We at Adoption Choices of Florida know there are many other great agencies since we’re all about supporting this cause. However, we believe we’re the agency that can best help you throughout your adoption journey.

Adoption Choices of Florida has guided women throughout their pregnancies and adoptions for over 17 years of service. We pride ourselves on the support we provide while ensuring every part of the adoption goes smoothly. While we’re handling all the aspects of the adoption, it is all to the way you decided. We’ll show what sets our adoption agency apart from others.

The Adoption Plan and What Sets Adoption Choices of Florida Apart

One core part of our adoption process in Florida is the adoption plan you create. Adoption has many different choices you’ll make and moving parts to manage, and your plan covers every detail. In addition, it covers the types of adoption, as in how many contacts you’ll have with your baby and their new parents. Complete closure with no contact is also an option if that is what you want.

The plan also covers any emotional support you may want provided to you. If you lack the support of your loved ones, we have counselors and support groups ready for you. In addition, we hope to be a second family to help you through every step if needed.

One of the biggest aspects of the plan is how you choose the adoptive family for your baby. You tell us your ideal vision for the family you want to raise your child and every relevant detail that includes. Our job is to find families that best fit your ideal, present them to you and connect you to them. Of course, we want you to adopt out your baby to someone you trust so every family we find is thoroughly screened.

Finally, there is the birth plan, which covers every part of the birth itself. For example, you can decide how and where you give birth and any medication you may want. There’s also whether you want people to like the adoptive family present with you or anyone else you choose. Also, other details like how much time you may want with your newborn before the adoptive family takes over.

What’s foundational to the adoption plan is that it is all your decision. You’ll have our adoption specialists to consult and receive guidance from, but we want you in control above all else. Our agency isn’t here to take your baby and go. We’re dedicated to you the moment you connect with us.

Housing For Our Birth Mothers

Adoption is a long and hard process, and so is your pregnancy. We know it’s a disruptive development that can upend your life, and we have resources to help you manage it. Our adoption agencies in Florida have multiple homes that can give you the space you need. You may not have enough space for your pregnancy or are in an unsupportive environment. For whatever reason you may have, we can provide clean and safe living arrangements for you during your pregnancy. We don’t have every possible housing available, but we can give you what we have that best fits your needs. Keep in mind you can leave the provided home whenever you want to.

Adoption Counseling

We mentioned this briefly in the adoption plan section, but we want to go into more detail. Our counseling isn’t just for you during the creation of your plan. It’s through your whole pregnancy and even after. Deciding to give up your baby for adoption is hard enough, not to mention all the other feelings that follow. Throughout your pregnancy, our counselors are available whenever you need to talk with someone. You may want more information on a topic or need emotional support during a difficult moment. Counselors have experience in helping women through all kinds of circumstances. They’ll be able to help you with any concerns.

This support continues after you give birth as well. We don’t simply drop you and move on once we finish your case. We want to connect with you and be the support system you might lack in your life. Adoption has long-lasting consequences. We help mothers who gave birth years ago and still need guidance. You’re a part of our family. When you place your baby for adoption with us, we’ll take care of you.

What Sets Adoption Choices of Florida Apart??

Our number one priority is you during your Florida adoption. Our resources are here for you to succeed and be at peace with your decision. Your plan guides us on how best to help you throughout your pregnancy. We’ll never leave you to dry. You and your baby represent our success. We hope you’ll pick us because we want to ensure you’re supported through this difficult time.

Contact any of our agencies near you to begin your journey with us. If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251