What’s the Difference Between Open Adoption and Closed Adoption in Florida?

Did you know that there are different levels of adoption openness for you to choose from when beginning your adoption journey? Many birth mothers do not know this. There are, in fact, three different levels of openness in Florida child adoption: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. One nice thing about living in such a privileged time is that local adoption agencies in Florida offer all three. None of them is better than the others, and the “right” choice will depend on your unique situation. What matters most is determining which path is best for you. If you want to know more, visit Adoption Choices of Florida after you read on to learn about the differences between these types.

What is Open Adoption?

If you’ve never heard of any of these terms before and didn’t realize there even were different forms of adoption, you may be wondering what open adoption even is. Open adoption in Florida is one that is put together with purpose with input from both the birth mother/family and the adoptive family. If this were the type of adoption process you would proceed with, you would exchange contact information, health and insurance information, and — as is the case with many open adoptions — likely have the option to remain an active part of your child’s life should you so choose. There are also semi-open adoptions that are not quite as hands-on as open adoptions but still give you the option of playing a role in your child’s life. The difference is that instead of formally meeting and working together with the adoptive family, you would exchange pictures and letters and just generally be kept up to date without having to necessarily be actively involved in the child’s life post-adoption. 

What is Closed Adoption?

Closed adoption is very unlike the other two types of Florida adoption and stands apart in the fact that in this type of adoption process, there is no contact between birth mothers and adoptive families. This type of adoption is not as common as the other two, as many mothers still wish to play a role in their children’s lives after adoption. However, this type of adoption is beneficial for those mothers who want to place their child in a loving home with a caring family and move forward with their lives. Closed adoption still allows birth mothers to have a say in their expectations for the adoptive family and the environment in which their child is raised, so don’t start to think that if you choose this option, the situation will be completely out of your hands. You will still have a great amount of influence and be able to mark your preference for things such as household type, religion, location, and more.

Which Type of Florida Adoption is Best?

Just like with many other aspects of the Florida adoption process, there is no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing between open or closed adoptions; it will depend entirely upon you, your own preferences, and your unique situation. As we mentioned earlier, just because closed adoption is not as common does not mean it is wrong to pick it if you feel it is the best option for you. Local adoption agencies across the state offer both types of child adoption and are willing to provide whatever resources you may need to suit your specific preferences. If you’re still unsure of which type to choose and want to get more detail, visit Adoption Choices of Florida. There, you’ll be able to get all the information and data you need to help you make the best decision for yourself and your child. You’ll also have the chance to get more specific information regarding your individual situation. For example, if you find yourself interested only in Miami adoption agencies or only a particular path.

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