Who Can Help With an Unplanned Pregnancy in Florida?

July 16, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Who Can Help With an Unplanned Pregnancy in Florida?

Having an unplanned pregnancy be it a teen pregnancy or just one you weren’t expecting, can feel like it is the end of the world. There are many emotions that come into play, and you could be wondering what to do now. Who can help you during such a time? If you don’t have any support, what do you do? You have options, and you have people that can help you with your unplanned pregnancy in Florida. Here at Adoption Choices of Florida, we have listed out what you can do for your unplanned pregnancy and all the options that come with each choice.

What Are My Unplanned Pregnancy Options?

When it comes to an unplanned pregnancy, there are only three options. Each one has its pros and cons, and what is right for you may not be right for someone else. There is no wrong answer when it comes to how you tackle this pregnancy. What you do will end up being the best option for you in the long run, and that is what matters. Sadly, no matter your choice, someone will be upset about it, but it isn’t their thoughts that matter. Just yours. What are the options, then?

  1. Abortion

This isn’t an easy topic to tackle. There are many people who don’t think abortion should be legal or even something you could do. This is a decision you have to make fairly quickly, though, as each state is going to have different laws. However, the very first thing you should do is to contact your doctor. They are going to be the ones to let you know how far along you are and if abortion is even an option.

Florida currently states that only women 24 weeks and under can have an abortion if the mother’s life isn’t in danger. Just like any state, there are other laws that come into play as well. Here are the top four that really determine if abortion can be done:

  • There is no public funding for pregnancies that don’t endanger a woman’s life or the baby is the product of rape or incest.
  • Minors must have their parent’s consent before an abortion.
  • Prior to receiving an abortion, the woman has to undergo an ultrasound and be offered to view the image.
  • The only way for an abortion to be performed after 24 weeks post-fertilization is if the woman’s life is in danger. 

If you are considering abortion, then as stated before, contact your doctor. From there, you and them can work out how to go about abortion as safely as possible.

  1. Adoption

Yes, we would love it if you considered adoption as your first and only choice, but we know that adoption isn’t for everyone. As beautiful as it is, this wonderful world is also a very hard thing to go through. Simply put, adoption isn’t right for everyone, and that is okay.

If you are considering adoption, then start by researching the adoption agencies in your area. Sadly not all agencies are made equal, and there are some that truly want to help and others who are just there to make money. Here is a list of what to consider when considering an adoption agency:

  • Make sure your agency is licensed
  • Look for adoption professionals
  • What services does that adoption agency offer during and after your pregnancy?
  • Do you trust them?
  • How responsive is the adoption agency to your questions?

All these questions and statements are important for your safety and wellbeing. You are picking a place that is going to be a large part of your life and the foreseeable future. You deserve to be happy with your choice and not feel as if you are being hurt. The last thing you should feel is uncomfortable with your adoption agency.

That said, you have us now! Adoption Choices of Florida are licensed and have adoption professionals that are always willing to answer your questions. We offer services for you during and after your pregnancy, and we try to be as responsive as possible. Also, we are open during the holidays too! You will not be judged here. You are going to be accepted no matter why you are here.

  1. Raising the Child

The last option you have is to raise the baby yourself. This one is pretty self-explanatory as you would be the one doing all the work. What you should do is talk to your doctor first. Find out what you need to do to keep both you and the baby healthy. After that, you can start to figure out if raising the child is possible. You have to consider a few things before you do. Here are some things to consider:

  • Can you afford to raise a child right now?
  • Are you in a safe place to raise a child?
  • Will having a child halt your dreams?
  • Can you still do what you want with a child right now?
  • Do you have support?

Those are just some of the questions to ask before considering raising a child. A child is expensive, and if you can’t afford it, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Who Helps Me with an The Adoption Process in Florida?

When it comes to unplanned pregnancy in Florida, you have to consider all your options. Who helps you is going to come down to who is involved in your choice. It can be anyone from a doctor to your family. What matters if you are getting the help you need with any choice. If you’d like more information about the Florida adoption process and the options we give to potential birth mothers, then feel free to contact us for more information. What’s stopping you from learning?

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678