Why Adoption Still Carries so Much Stigma

By Alex Reza

As you go through the process of deciding should I give up my baby for adoption, you will probably encounter misleading information from people that do not understand how the adoption process works. You might be wondering why adoption still carries so much stigma? It is completely understandable for you to express concerns regarding adoption’s stigma. An adoption professional will clear up any confusion regarding these misconceptions and know they only exist because adoption challenges the traditional idea of family. Please know that the “traditional family” is changing, and adoption is more accepted today. Although some stigmas may exist, they are challenged by new ways of thinking about adoption.

We are here to inform you of the truths behind these misconceptions, as understanding the truth will positively impact how you may feel about adopting your baby

What are the Common Stigmas Surrounding Adoption? 

Some misleading stigmas may be:

  • You are abandoning your child
  • You don’t care about your child
  • Open adoption is bad for the child
  • The adoptive parents will not love your child as much as you do
  • Adoption is the only choice for infertile couples
  • Only wealthy, white families adopt, and there is no diversity
  • My child will not fit in if they are transracial 

The stigma that you are abandoning your child is false. We understand that placing your baby for adoption may be a difficult decision for you. However, know that the decision you make is out of love for your child. You gave your child life, which is an enormous blessing. Now, you are giving your child to a family that will love, provide, and cherish them as much as you do. 

You may encounter the stigma that you don’t care for your child if you are adopting out your baby. The opposite is true. You care so much about your child that you want them to have a better life than you can provide. It is an extremely selfless act proving your love and care for your child. 

A common misconception regarding the adoption process is that open adoption is bad for your child. In an open adoption, you can continue communicating with the adoptive parents you choose. You can communicate through letters, emails, texts, in-person visits, or phone calls. Open adoption is not bad for your child and is not a situation where you are attempting to co-parent your child. If you decide on open adoption, then there will be more people to love your child. Your adoption professional can guide you through the different types of adoption

Stigmas the Adoptive Parents Might Face

The idea that the adoptive parents will not love your child as much as you do is false. It is extremely unlikely that the adoptive family you ultimately choose will not love and care for your child with all their hearts. Know that you have adoption options, and you will choose who will raise your child. Adoption Choices of Florida will carefully screen the adoptive families to meet your specific needs. In the end, you will be in control of the important decisions that will benefit your baby. 

Adoption is the only choice for infertile couples; again not true that it is due to fertility, as some parents choose to grow their family through adoption. There are couples who can have biological children but choose to adopt. These blended families are considered a gift, where everyone is a valued member of the family and equally loved. 

Adoptive parents come from many diverse backgrounds. They can be white, Black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American. Some may even be transracial. Many families that adopt a child of a different race make an effort to nurture their child’s different racial and cultural customs and teach them about their different identities. They may celebrate holidays or incorporate traditions that keep your child connected to their cultural background. It may be difficult for your child to look different than the adoptive parents, but with love and understanding, most families thrive and celebrate their cultural differences. 

You may even decide you would like an LGBTQ+ couple or a single parent to adopt your child. Same-sex parents may lead your child to become more compassionate and accepting with a kind attitude toward people from different backgrounds. 

Adoption Misconceptions in Florida

Everyone has misconceptions about adoption. The bottom line is that you are a good mother if you have decided to put your baby up for adoption. You act bravely and selflessly so your child will have a wonderful life with loving parents. You will not be alone throughout the process; an adoption center professional will guide you through the adoption plan and help you navigate each step with compassion. Adoption agencies in Florida will comfort you throughout the adoption process

We are here to help 

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