Why You Should Consider Adoption: A Choice for Birth Mothers

October 20, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Why You Should Consider Adoption: A Choice for Birth Mothers

By Moki Murillo

Are you having an unplanned pregnancy? If so, are you ready for the responsibilities that come with being a parent? If your answer is “no” to that second question, perhaps you should consider adoption.

Adoption Choices of Florida is a private adoption agency with years of experience in the adoption process. Our agency works with birth mothers like yourself to help make sure your babies find new families and homes.

We can’t promise that choosing adoption will be easy or painless. Adoption in Florida, like in other states, can take its toll on the birth mother. Nevertheless, the adoption process can do much good for many people. This includes both you and your child.

The Adoption Plans and Last-Minute Adoptions

One way to begin the process of child adoption in Florida is to make contact with an adoption agency. For example, Adoption Choices of Florida has links on our website that allow you to call or text us. Once you get a hold of us, your first step would be to devise an adoption plan

You are free to customize almost every part of your adoption plan to suit your specific needs and desires. This includes what type of adoption you want and which family you want to adopt your baby. Birth mothers like you could even be eligible to receive adoption services, from financial aid to housing.

In our experience, birth mothers feel better when they make an adoption plan sooner rather than later. This is just a recommendation, however. With Adoption Choices of Florida, you can choose to begin the adoption process at any stage of pregnancy. You can even choose adoption after the child is born, which would qualify under a last-minute adoption plan. Last-minute adoption would still allow you to choose the type of adoption and the adoptive family. This might not, however, make you eligible for certain services.

Now that you know how to put your newborn up for adoption, you might still have questions. Is adoption right for you? Believe it or not, choosing adoption does have its benefits.

The Benefits of Adoption

1. The Cost of Not Choosing Adoption

It is a well-known fact that raising a child in this day and age is expensive. You need to regularly buy items, such as diapers and baby formula, and even furniture, such as a crib. One of your biggest expenses will be medical expenses, such as postnatal care and maternity care. The costs will also grow with your child. They will need to transition to solid food eventually. Your child also needs new clothes as they grow up. If you have a career or other responsibilities, you may need to hire a babysitter frequently. While the total costs can vary, you will likely be paying in the tens of thousands a year.

Although it may be uncomfortable to reduce motherhood to material costs, you should at least consider the reality. Being a parent will be a costly affair. If you are unable to afford it, you may need to consider finding a new home for your baby. This is not a failure on your end, of course. You are simply being practical and thoughtful about the future of your child.

2. A Not-so Costly Adoption Plan

Another well-known fact is that being pregnant and giving birth is expensive. Pregnant women often pay more in medical expenses than their non-pregnant counterparts. If you have an adoption plan with us, however, this might not be the case. If you are eligible, you could have your medical bills covered by your plan during your pregnancy. Additionally, you can also be eligible to have certain living and transportation costs covered by the plan. Whether you are going through adoption in Miami or elsewhere, we will look out for you.

3. You Get to Spread the Joy of Family Through Adoption

Adoption Choices of Florida helps all kinds of adoptive families looking to share their lives with new children. Many of these families already have children of their own, but not everyone can have children naturally.  There are prospective adoptive mothers who have medical issues that prevent them from being pregnant. The prospective adoptive fathers can also have fertility issues, and the couple might be unwilling to go through surrogacy. Our agency also takes in LGBTQ+ couples, many of whom are incapable of pregnancy.  

All of these families, whatever their circumstances, want children in their lives. We made sure that each family is legally able to go through adoption in Florida. Their information is included on our website, and your adoption plan allows you to choose between these families.

Every family listed on our website is ready and willing to take responsibility. As a birth mother, you could be the answer to their prayers.

4. Opportunities for Your Child Through Adoption

Many birth mothers come to us because they feel that they can’t provide a future for their children. They could have circumstances, such as being low-income, that prevent them from giving their children the opportunities they deserve. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then adoption could be what is right for your child. 

Thanks to our adoption plan, you are allowed to screen different families and decide which one will adopt your child. It is perfectly reasonable to include the family’s financial situation as part of your criteria. Adoption Choices of Florida receives applications from prospective adoptive families every day. There is a good chance that one can afford to give your child opportunities, such as a good education.

As a birth mother, you deserve to be at peace, knowing that your child has a bright future.

5. Adoption Might Not be the End for You and Your Child

A major fear that many birth mothers tell us is that they will never see their child again. They might have valid reasons to place their child into adoption, but that fear often holds them back. You might share this fear, and that is perfectly natural. Thankfully, this fear is actually based on a misconception.

Not every adoption is closed, where there is no contact between birth parents and their child’s adoptive family. In our experience, most adoptions are actually open, where there is communication between birth parents and the child’s adoptive parents. The adoptive parents can send you updates about your child. In many cases, you can even play a part in your child’s life.

Your adoption plan allows much flexibility on how much you could be a part of a child’s life. In semi-open adoptions, you can choose to remain uninvolved in your child’s life. However, you can receive updates on them should you desire. 

In an Adoption Agency Near You…

You can start securing your child’s future by contacting our agency via our website to start the adoption process. No one is saying that choosing adoption is easy or comes without heartbreak. Both you and your child, however, can still benefit from adoption. Our adoption plans could help shoulder the financial burden of your pregnancy. Your decision can help secure your child’s future, and you can give joy to an adoptive family. You can even have a relationship with your child should you want to.

If some or all of these benefits appeal to you, call Adoption Choices of Florida today.