Will Florida Baby Adoption Agencies Provide Counseling After Adoption?

December 17, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Will Florida Baby Adoption Agencies Provide Counseling After Adoption?

Do you live in Florida, and are you considering placing your child for adoption? Maybe you have already placed your child for adoption and are in need of additional care. Whatever your circumstances, here at Adoption Choices of Florida, we are here to help you. We not only support our birth mothers throughout their pregnancy and adoption process, but we also provide supportive counseling during and after your pregnancy. 

How Do I Receive Therapy at Adoption Choices of Florida?

If therapy is something you are interested in, your adoption facilitator will address this with you in your adoption plan. An adoption plan is your plan for adoption; it details everything from who you want to adopt your baby to what kind of adoption you would like. Your adoption plan is specific to you and also details the type of supplementary assistance you may need. 

We determine what kinds of assistance you may need in your adoption plan. Adoption Choices of Florida provides financial, medical, and supportive counseling assistance to all of its birth mothers. Our goal is to ensure you are taken care of to the best of your ability during this difficult time in your life. 

Financial support includes assistance with expenses like rent, groceries, transportation, and other maternity-related expenses. Pregnancy is difficult enough without your having to worry about basic necessities. We want to make sure you are adequately cared for so that you can have the most healthy pregnancy possible. We do not charge our birth mothers who place their children up for adoption. 

We also ensure that you have access to sufficient medical care. Nothing is more important than your health and the health of your baby during this time. We make sure that you have access to transportation so you can get to and from your doctor’s appointments. Your adoption facilitator will discuss your birth plan while creating your adoption plan. Your birth plan includes who will be present during the birth, whether or not you want pain medications, and what type of birth you prefer.  

Counseling and Therapy During and After Your Adoption

In addition to medical and financial support, we provide supportive counseling to all of our birth mothers. Pregnancy and choosing to place your baby for adoption are difficult, which is why we provide supportive counseling to our birth mothers during and after pregnancy. There are three main types of counseling: one-on-one, group, and birth mother retreats. No one type of counseling is better than the other; each just addresses different needs. 

One-on-one counseling is best if you want privacy. This type of counseling allows you to discuss your fears and concerns regarding adoption with a professional counselor. It is normal to feel uneasy during this time; deciding to place your baby for adoption can be a difficult decision. Our adoption counselors are unbiased and will offer you support with a secure, safe place to express your feelings. 

Group therapy is great if you want to express your feelings about adoption with other birth mothers. Though not entirely confidential, these sessions allow you to discuss how you feel with birth mothers who have gone or are going through a similar situation. Group therapy is also great if you do not have a support system of your own. The birth mothers in your group therapy sessions can provide you with a sense of community and help you feel less alone. 

Birth mother retreats are also a great option if you need a getaway. Birth mother retreats are a lot like group therapy sessions, but they allow you to “retreat” from your day-to-day life. These therapy sessions can foster a deeper sense of community and belonging than a typical group therapy. You can connect with other birth mothers without distractions. 

Adoption Choices of Florida supports all of our birth mothers throughout the entire adoption process. We do not abandon you once you have your baby. This is a delicate time in your life and one in which you need as much support as you can get. 

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